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My feelings towards Game Developing ―――

We are dazzled by recent technology.

Technology is rapidly advancing, especially the prodigious diversity and evolution.

Because there is diversity, the answers to the question “What can we do?” are increasing in width and in geometric progression.

We need all kinds of technical innovations to deal with it.
We will improve the skills we need for the new era and also, we are mentally prepared to try a bunch of things.

The most important thing is to continue thinking “How game users play with enjoyment?”

We will continue developing games and make sure not to forget the original intention.

President Akira Nishitani

■Akira Nishitani Profile

 1967 Born in Tokyo.

 1986 Joined CAPCOM CO., LTD.
 Entered a team of Research and Development Division for arcade video game softwares.
 Developed "Street Fighter II" and "Street Fighter II' ".
 Also in charge of planning "Lost Worlds", "Final Fight" and "X-MEN".

 1995 Left CAPCOM CO., LTD.

 Established ARIKA., LTD.
 Took up a post as President.
 The masterpieces are "Street Fighter EX" series, "EVER BLUE", and so on.

 Corporate Data

Corporate Name:

Head Office:
6F, 7-25-5, Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-0031, Japan

November 1, 1995

50,000,000 JPY

Main Business:
1. Computer software (design, creation, and sales)
2. Publications of various types (design, creation, and sales)
3. Music and graphics (design, creation and sales)
4. Character goods (design, creation, and sales)
5. Providing a range of information over information transmission networks
6. All activities related to the previous items

Managing Board:
Akira Nishitani (President)
Ichiro Mihara (Vice President)
Takamasa Hori (Director R&D Div.)
Jun Hosoba (Director R&D Div.)
Akira Kurabayashi (Director R&D Div.)
Hiroshi Miyamoto (Auditor)

Shikoku Bank/Tokyo Branch   Mizuho Bank/Ebisu Branch

Membership of professional institutions:
Association of Copyright for Computer Software(ACCS)
Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association(CESA)
Computer Entertainment Rating Organization(CERO)

Office Infomation

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■Reception Room ■Conference Room ■Development Room